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Urdu Chat Rooms in Pakistan

Urdu chat rooms are very popular in Pakistan Because Urdu is Pakistan’s national language and also very popular Language in the subcontinent and in other countries where South Asian lives like UK, Canada, the USA, the Middle East, and India.

If you are you feeling lonely, get rid of this boredom, we provide you the best solution of your boredom, let’s go to another corner of the world. Log in to Free online Urdu Desi chat site, talk with the strangers, and meet new and decent Pakistani, Indian friends, exchange your views, talk to them freely, share your ideas, interests, hobbies, get new ideas of life we offers some free  special  features for users like different kinds of rooms  Java flash and mobile chat in roman Urdu, and India chat ,the main is known as a lobby or langue.

This Urdu chatting forum gives the power to share your knowledge with other. Do not forget to give Feedback on Facebook and also Share with your friends.

This Urdu chatting site works perfectly on your cell phone, you can login with any good mobile phone, there is room for mobile chat users enjoy your chat online without any registration The urduchat room is moderated, free, clean and no any age restriction because our Urdu chat rooms are fully made for Pakistani Chat girls and boys. If it is your 1st time  please read the rules of the site when entering. If you have any complains you may send a mail to the admin of the site.

For Your Safety:

  • Please, don’t ever never provide your account password for any one, website management, Admins and Moderators (Hosts) wont ever never as you to provide your password, its for your use only.
  • We do not allow URLs (Websites Links) inside chat rooms, this is for chatters safety, we usually filter all URLs automatically, but we also want to advice you not to open any URL posted inside chat.
  • Moderators usually stop any abuser by limiting his/her access to chat room, if some one is disturbing you in private, click his/her nickname and choose ignore, this will stop all his/her messages.


پاکستان اور انڈیا اور بہت سے دوسرے ممالک میں اردو بولی اور سمجھی جاتی ہے جس کی پیشر نظر ہمیں ایک ایسے چیٹ روم کی ضرورت تھی جس میں  آسانی سے اردو لکھی ، بولی اور سمجھی جا سکے اور چیٹ روم نے آپ کی یہ مشکل حل کر دی آپ اس چیٹ روم میں باآسانی اردو لکھ بول اور سمجھ سکتے ہیں

رومن اردو چیٹ رومز، اردو چٹ چیٹ