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If your facing a problem using our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we advice you to talk with chat rooms Admins, they will provide the fastest support possible, if you believe they cannot help, just email us, we usually reply within 48 hours, please make sure to provide as much possible details as possible when you email us, the following points will provide you with more details on how to contact the right person:
Technical Issues: If you have any other technical issue not related to chat directly, please email us, try to provide all details, logs, screenshots available.
Fill out the contact us formKicked/Banned From Chat Rooms: If you are tying to connect to chat rooms and your getting a message “You Have Been banned From Chat”, this message indicate that you most likely broke a rule, please re-read our website Terms Page, go through Privacy Policy, and if you still believe you were banned by mistake please email us to the email listed at the bottom of this page (If you got a kick, you can join back after 15 minutes, if banned you should see a ban time interval in the ban message, if not then wait please, we usually clear our ban list in less than 24 hours).
I want to be an Admin/Host: Thanks for your interest, but for now we do not accept any Admins/Hosts Applications.
I cant join/connect to chat: Usually this is because an old flash player installation or a browser bad configuration, please go through our Frequently Asked Questions / Help, if your problem isnt listed there, email us to the address listed a the bottom of this page.
Other Chat Issues: Please talk to the chat room moderators (Hosts), Chat Rooms Admins or Senior Admins (Sysop’s), explain your problem, and they will be happy to assist you.